Effective advertising and campaigns on Facebook

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Your store has been online for at least a year and you want to generate more turnover?

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What will you achieve with us?

You will increase sales in your online store.

We strive to ensure that your return on investment in advertising is at least several dozen times higher.

We use our know how to support other project we run.

We focus on the automation of activities. As part of the service, we not only define target groups, but also configure a Facebook pixel (including the possibility of measuring individual sales steps) and a product catalog based on an XML file.

What distinguishes us is the effectiveness of our activities. Over the years, we have developed proven methods of building Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

We create them based on the so-called Sales funnels that are skillfully constructed and bring our clients the highest profits. Initially, we arrange our campaigns in such a way as to reach a wide audience by the cheapest methods, which we engage in contact with the brand. At the next stage of work with the most interested recipients, we build a purchasing need. With the appropriate configuration of goals and pixel we have the ability to precisely reach people ready to buy here and now , even if they did not know your brand before.

See the effects of our activities

A client from the furniture industry
This is one of the sales campaigns we have designed. The average ROI for this campaign is 73.02.
This means that by investing PLN 1766, the client acquired PLN 128,000 of turnover in his store

For a client from the sports industry we run a sales campaign.
The average ROAS is 25.57, which means that by investing PLN 2,553, the customer gained PLN 65,303 in the online store.


Working with us means:

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Customers talk about us

  • Na co dzień współpracuję z deweloperami na Śląsku i nie tylko. Polecam firmę Silence jako rzetelnego partnera w zakresie kampanii wspomagających sprzedaż mieszkań i nieruchomości w Internecie.
    Maciej Wężykowski, właściciel
  • Bardzo profesjonalny serwis. Bezproblemowy kontakt. Zawsze bieżąca informacja o efektach działań. Polecam!?
    Anna Pycia-Pytlik, Smart-HR
  • Polecam, profesjonalna ekipa doskonały kontakt-Warto!!
    Grzegorz Koźlicki, właściciel
  • Z przyjemnością wystawiam firmie Silence! jak najlepszą rekomendację. Mieliśmy już do czynienia z wieloma firmami zajmującymi się tematyką SEO, ale Grzegorz Skiera wraz z całą swoją załogą wyróżniają się wybitnym profesjonalizmem i skutecznością działań. Ponadto pragnę zwrócić uwagę na sumienność i uczciwość firmy i podziękować, ponieważ dzięki Silence! Nasza firma nabrała rozpędu.”
    Wojciech Budziosz, właściciel firmy
  • Serdecznie polecam usługi firmy Silence. Są to specjaliści, którzy znają się na swojej pracy oraz szczerze i rzeczowo udzielają wszystkich wyjaśnień, co jest rzadkością w branży pozycjonerów. Założona stratega realizowana jest powoli, ale systematycznie i z sukcesami. Reakcje na nasze prośby są natychmiastowe, często także specjaliści sami wychodzą z inicjatywą wprowadzenia zmian lub nowego podejścia. Komunikacja jest ekspresowa, a przepływ informacji wewnątrz firmy imponujący

Frequently Asked Questions

1How do you manage the budget?
We work in monthly budgets, which means that we have a given amount at our disposal throughout the month. In the event that the amount is not spent, the unspent portion of the budget is carried over to the next month and is added to the monthly budget. If the budget is being spent too fast, we inform you about it and consult the possibility of increasing the funds allocated to the campaign.
2How often can you change your budget?
Budgets can be changed dynamically. If you need to change it, you Just have to let us know.
3Who pays for the click budget?
The funds for the campaign are covered by the agency, while the client receives an invoice from us.
4Will I get access to the account?
Yes, it is possible to grant access to the advertising account to the client.
5How long is the contract signed for?
The contract is signed for 3 months and then becomes indefinite.
6Do you install facebook pixels?
Yes, pixels are installed before the advertising campaign starts.

Find out how advertising in Facebook Ads works!

Effective advertising campaigns on Facebook are a series of activities that should be properly prepared and planned. At Silence, we provide comprehensive service, so you can focus on achieving your business goals.


Our actions

Brief and strategy - We will start our work by talking to you. We will ask you to fill in a brief in which we will ask about the most important issues regarding your business. It is important for us that you describe your expectations regarding the Facebook advertising campaign. Include who you want to reach with your offer and what goals to achieve. Based on this knowledge, we will prepare an action strategy dedicated to you. We will find appropriate target groups and select ad formats.
Landing page analysis and UX consulting - A very important issue for advertising on Facebook is a properly prepared landing page. When preparing your company for such a promotion, we pay attention to whether you have appropriate subpages, as well as whether there are elements leading the user to conversion, e.g. contact forms, buttons with a call to action, clickable e-mails and telephone numbers. If, during such an analysis, we find that the above elements are missing on your website, we will prepare tips on what and where exactly you should improve.
Installing analytics on the website - The basis of our activities is accurate measurement of the results. Therefore, when preparing Facebook ads for you, we will install appropriate Facebook pixels on your website, which will allow us to precisely track the statistics of individual ads. In addition, we will also use the Google Analytics tool. Thanks to this, we will be able to observe the traffic obtained to your website from ads all the time. At the next stage, we will use this data to optimize the campaign.
Preparation of graphic materials - In social media, images are the main element of communication. The type of advertising format, as well as the way the graphics are made, have a huge impact on the effectiveness of the advertisement. When preparing to launch a campaign for you, we create materials that are tailored to the requirements of Facebook, as well as tailored to the subject and type of planned activities.
Launching the campaign - When starting an advertisement on Facebook, we take care of its appropriate settings so as to communicate to the right, appropriately selected target groups. Using the tools available in the ad manager, we also set bids for individual ad groups. The next step is to select the content of the ads so that they are interesting and understandable for the recipients.
Analytics and campaign optimization - Working on an advertising campaign is based on continuous data analysis, which we obtain in Facebook and Google Analytics statistics. We examine the traffic obtained from advertising to your website. We check the behavior of users on your website, as well as the quantity and quality of conversions. Based on this information, we can modify individual campaign settings so that it best meets the goals set.
Reporting - Reporting is also a constant element of our activities. At the end of each month, you will receive detailed data from us taking into account the results of the campaign as well as the budgets spent. The reports will also include ideas and recommendations for the next steps. At the same time, we provide you with advice and assistance at every stage of advertising. This means that you can call us or write to us with a request for partial data or to discuss selected issues. We are at your disposal!

How does Facebook advertising work?

Facebook collects data about millions of users. With its help, by choosing the right interests, you can reach a well-defined target group. This allows not only to build a brand image, but also to actually sell products and services. The main advantages of advertising on Facebook.
- brand awareness increase, - gaining traffic on the website, - the ability to reach a strictly selected group of recipients, - the possibility of presenting products in an attractive way, - a chance to get inquiries and increase sales, - work based on a strictly defined strategy.
The presence of your company on Facebook will make it recognizable among Internet users, thanks to which the level of their trust will increase. In addition, by building interest in your products and services on Facebook, we will make users search for them not only on this website, but also in other channels, e.g. Google search. This means that over time, your website will be visited not only by users directly from Facebook, but also from Google, Gmail, YouTube, etc.

What is included in Facebook advertising?

Analysis and selection of the target group
Due to the fact that Facebook collects a lot of data about users, we are able to reach them after very diverse interests. We can choose between demographic data (age, gender), geographic data, and family status (we know who is single, who is engaged, who got married and who has children). Facebook's advertising tools also filter by interests. Therefore, we will reach people who like restaurants, travels or specific car brands. Such options allow us to prepare many different target groups within one advertising campaign.
Goal optimization
Facebook allows us to optimize ads for specific purposes. So we can work on brand awareness. Then the ads will be displayed primarily in terms of reach, and our goal will be for the maximum number of people to see them. Another type of optimization is targeting an ad to a specific activity. Here we can set advertisements whose task will be to gain traffic to the website. With the help of the campaign, we can also work on user activity. Here we promote events, specific posts or get likes for the fanpage. Facebook also gives us the option of displaying a video advertisement, a specific application, as well as obtaining the so-called. leads (inquiries asked directly in the advertisement). We also have the option of directing communication to Messenger. We also optimize the Facebook advertising campaign for conversion. Product catalog ads are great for online stores.
Advertising formats
In advertising campaigns on Facebook, we can use various types of formats, which we choose from standard (basic) graphics, through the so-called carousel, collection, slide show. Thanks to so many possibilities, we are able to choose the most optimal solution tailored to the operating strategy.
Remarketing advertising is an important element of the advertising campaign. Facebook allows us to select target groups in such a way that we can separately reach people who already know our company. We have the option of creating a remarketing group consisting of people visiting the company's website, as well as people who watched our video on Facebook or signed up for the event. In addition, there is also an option to create groups of users similar to a specific group of recipients.

What does Facebook advertising do?

  • Increase in brand recognition
  • Thanks to your presence in the largest social media in the world, you can systematically build your brand recognition among a potential audience.
  • The ability to precisely reach the target group.
  • By using the options of interests, we are able to reach with advertising to wealthy people or people with children of a certain age.
  • Possibility to build a multi-stage advertisement fulfilling the chosen goal.
  • Thanks to the option of dividing the audience on Facebook into many target groups, we can prepare an advertising campaign consisting of several stages.
  • This is especially beneficial when your products are not yet recognizable and brand trust needs to be built up from scratch.