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Increasing the visibility of your website on the Internet within three months of starting cooperation. We will provide transparent conditions, constant reporting on conducted activities and the care of a dedicated specialist. You can be sure that you will be in good hands!

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98% effectiveness of SEO audits. 14 years in the advertising industry. Over 500 customers served. Everything we do is supported by experience and an extensive know-how. We choose the most effective solutions for a given industry.

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Customers talk about us

  • Cooperation with Silence! was a great pleasure. A reliable, trustworthy company with an individual approach to the client. The cooperation took place in a very nice atmosphere, and they always presented a few ideas for the projects we started.
    Monika Szymor, fashion designer, owner
  • Silence! ensures the highest level of service and very good results. Specialists working in this company have appropriate qualifications and experience. I would like to recommend Silence! as a reliable and reliable business partner.
    Albert Binda, owner
    L.Grant Polska
  • I highly recommend Silence's services. They are specialists who know their work and provide honest and factual explanations, which is rare in the SEO industry. The assumed strategy is implemented slowly, but systematically and successfully. Reactions to our requests are immediate, often the specialists come out with the initiative to introduce changes or a new approach. Communication is fast and the information flow inside the company is impressive.
  • I am happy to give Silence! best recommendation. We've already dealt with many SEO companies, but Grzegorz Skiera and his crew stand out for their outstanding professionalism and efficiency. In addition, I would like to draw your attention to the diligence and integrity of the company. Thanks to Silence! Our company has gained momentum. "
    Wojciech Budziosz, owner
  • We assess cooperation with Silence! as fully professional, full of interesting ideas and solutions both in Facebook area and general media relations.
    Grzegorz Koźlicki, owner
  • I can recommend with full responsibility Silence! as a professional partner in conducting marketing campaigns on the internet. Cooperation with the company is pure pleasure. The client receives reliable reports and most importantly sees results in the form of new clients. Strongly recommend!
    Karolina Kotas, owner
  • Very professional service. Hassle-free contact. Always up to date information on the effects of actions. I strongly recommend!
    Anna Pycia-Pytlik
  • I work with developers every day in Silesian district of Poland and beyond. I recommend Silence as a reliable partner in the field of providing marketing campaigns supporting the sale of apartments and real estate on the Internet.
    Maciej Wężykowski, owner


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SEO in Poland, digital marketing in Poland

Website search engine optimization (SEO) is a service that SEO Silence Agency in Poland have been offering for last 14 years. We provide SEO for nationwide operations and local businesses (polish SEO)..


SEO services the beginning of Silence Marketing Agency!

We know how to position effectively thanks to our many years of experience in the industry. We care about adjusting meta tags for seo, NAP exposure, introducing structural markers, choosing the right keywords for company positioning or optimization under Google Maps and Google My Business. All of this supported by appropriate analytics and link building ensures high quality google web search positoning.

The first 3 months of cooperation with our SEO Agency

Brief and strategy selection - this is the first stage of SEO. After signing the contract, we will send you a brief in which we will ask about the most important issues related to your business. What expectations do you have of us, what products / services do you care most about, who do you direct your offer to and which keywords are most important to you. This knowledge will be the foundation for us on which we will develop a dedicated SEO strategy for you. . 
Selection of keywords - thanks to them customers will get to your website. Using a variety of analytical tools, we will check which keywords will be the appropriate "magnet" that will convert interest in a given product / service into real views of your website (keyword analysis). The results of the analysis will be confronted with your competition and the nature of your business. We will use the most important phrases to optimize meta tags and saturate the content on the page with them.
Analysis and SEO audit of a website - it is a comprehensive service that will detect errors on the website and eliminate potential threats. Thanks to SEO audit, your website will become friendly to Google robots that will easily index it, and this will positively affect the visibility of the page in search results. Read more about SEO audit on our blog.
Implementing an seo audit on the website - we realize that you care about time, and you can not always use the help of an IT specialist. Don't worry about anything! If you give us access to the administration panel, after consulting you with the audit results, we will introduce most of the suggestions on our own. This will ensure that the optimization has been carried out correctly.
Regular Link Building - is the most important and time-consuming process of the SEO. The goal is to get links to your site. We get links from other sites and company catalogs, on thematic pages, industry forums and trusted websites that will be useful in getting a better position on Google.
Monthly or quarterly site audit audits for SEO - positioning is a lengthy process that requires constant supervision. Therefore, after completing the first optimization, we will certainly not forget about you and you will regularly receive control audits from us. We will also regularly analyze progress and implement improvements in the positioning process. So you can achieve your goals as soon as possible!

SEO in Poland - components

It is worth knowing that effective seo consists of several basic elements and resembles sort of peculiar race with competition. At the start you have to go several ways that will ensure top-level SEO. As in any race, to get a good start and have a chance to compete is all about the machine that we have. When we consider SEO, your machine is your website. That is why SEO audit is so important. It is the foundation that, when well-optimized, allows achieving future results.

After that technical optimization is required. Once both aspects are implemented, long-term activities involving SEO are carried out.It's about valuable link building. It is ensured by e.g. links from catalogs, internet forums, content marketing or sponsored articles or advertising materials (e.g. on YouTube).

Links are fuel poured into a previously prepared machine (website). Thanks to this SEO becomes effective. Only then your potential customer will find your page by searching for a phrase important to you. For example, if someone types the phrase "seo poland" or "web search engine positioning poland" into Google search engine, they will receive search results for agencies that have positioning in their scope of services. Google also includes geolocation. That is why agencies from Poland will most likely also display phrases such as "positioning of Silesia", "positioning of Silesia" or "positioning of Gliwice". To strengthen the positioning of your site on a specific location, however, you need to conduct a separate strategy for local positioning (we wrote about it above).

Remember that in the example above the phrase "website positioning poland" (also in the reverse version "SEO Poland") will also allow you to search for agencies dealing with related topics (e.g. google adwords, online advertising, remarketing on youtube, google adwords for online stores or sponsored articles for the media.

The main advantages of SEO:

  • presence on top positions in search results

  • website traffic increase

  • gaining competitive advantage

  • precise targeting of the offer to potential customers

  • an opportunity to obtain new inquiries and increase sales

  • increasing brand awareness and prestige

  • saving of advertising resources in the long run

  • long-term activities, work based on a designated strategy

  • the ability to create a brand as a leader in its industry

The complexity of SEO is evidenced by the fact that Google's algorithms take into account over 200 ranking factors when evaluating a website! That is why it is so important to optimize the structure of the website (both code and content) and to conduct constant supervision. Professional SEO is not about quick, ad hoc actions that will give a short-term effect. Website positioning is a long-term strategy carried out by qualified specialists capable of analyzing many factors, studying trends and drawing constructive conclusions. A good positioner knows that getting high positions in results is as demanding as maintaining them stable.

Local positioning and effective link acquisition - how does it work?

After technical optimization, we will build for you a valuable profile of links leading to the site. Link building is the fuel that drives SEO. Regardless of where you want to gain visibility, our solutions will help you achieve your goal. Using analytical tools, we create space for acquiring links on a regional basis. We know where to get such links, we constantly cooperate with owners of valuable local portals and websites. This translates into an increase in the importance of positioned pages and raising their authority in the eyes of Google algorithms.

Website positioning and choosing the right package

We often come across questions about the specifics of packages including positioning. The highest package we offer allows you to operate on markets with a high degree of competitiveness. At this level SEO is the most difficult, and such websites need the most fuel to appear in Google search engine. However, website positioning services can also be carried out effectively with medium package ("standard"). The offer then includes less intensification of activities, but enough to increase website traffic. We recommend the lowest package for local positioning or for companies whose offer, phrases, product or services do not have much competition.

Package selection is a process that we deal with at the beginning - after analyzing the level of SEO of a website, we are able to determine which package will best meet the criteria and guarantee website positioning in the search results at the highest level. Remember that in Silence! we do not have a closed number of phrases on individual packages. The number of phrases is selected so that your website most effectively gets high positions in the search engines engineresults and the positioning of the pages leads to sales.

Bet on experience in SEO and PPC advertising e commerce

There are many SEO agencies and SEO companies in Poland providing website search engine positioning. What distinguishes us is many years of experience and transparency in operation. At any time you will be able to check how we work and what effects website positioning brings. You do not have to worry about contacting our company. A dedicated specialist will be assigned to you, who will get to know your lining site and will be able to give advice or perform SEO consultations at any time. We invite you to cooperate, check us out - we are waiting for contact!




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